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The Race Is Not Given

Having enjoyed a measure of success in his life; young, gifted and black Stanford Thomas has every reason in the world to look forward to a bright future. Imagine his stunned reaction when he learns that he has cancer. Suddenly Stanford is facing one of life's most difficult challenges...death. Conventional treatment methods have failed and Stanford is considering committing a "rational suicide."



Dobson's main character Stan is best described by the Biblical quotation that opens his book "...but time and chance happen to them all" and time and chance are against Stanford. A failed marriage and cancer, Stan returns to his childhood home to try to construct the meaning of his life. Home for Stan is a myriad of different questions. Faced with an alcholic mother, a holy-roller father, his own Blackness and haunting memories of a running career, he must try to make some sense of it all. The book is a page turner to see if Stan will resolve all the questions in his life.